Unknown devices in zwave route

Have any of you got any advice on how I can find out what an unknown device is in the route of one of my zwave devices, in actual fact I have 3 unknown devices 01, 56 and 12, I think they may be affecting the devices performance

They’re Zwave Ghosts. Devices the hub thinks are still in your network but aren’t. They will wreak havoc with routing.

FAQ: How to remove ghost devices from your z-wave and zigbee networks - Wiki / FAQ - SmartThings Community


Thank you Nathan, looks like I need to create the devices in the IDE, delete them from the app and then run a zwave repair

Hopefully it will help

It will.

Some helpful hints.

Resist the urge to rapid fire ZW repairs - the system doesn’t like it. Instead make all of your edits - like create all the ghost devices, then delete them all - THEN run the repair.

You will likely need t run the repair multiple times. That’s fine - just give it some time between runs. I found best result if I waited even 20 minutes. Remember - freight train, not sportscar.

Sometimes you might run into that ONE device that won’t come back up no matter what you do - if you can stand to let it cook overnight - the network may fix itself up with the ghosts gone… If not - delete/re-add may be the right choice.

If the ghosts come back - you’ll have to call support.


Hmm, did everything correctly, ghost devices remain at the moment, hmm

Give it a day or two. I had one I couldn’t shake despite best efforts (all steps described in this thread so far + incantations and sacrifices to the HA gods), so I just finally gave up.

For giggles, I checked two days later and everything was right as rain. shrug


I guess I have no choice, same as you Chris, I have done things as described more than once but they still remain

Yeah, I recently successfully cleaned up a few gremlins with immediate results, but that one darn one was dogged - nothing worked.

I don’t know why some things take 24-48 hours to catch up and others don’t, but it seems to be the case…

Walk away from it for a day or two and check back later - hopefully it’s cleared up!

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I have a feeling my zwave repair is not working properly

Just checked routing on some devices and some of them are connecting to devices further away than necessary, my assumption was a repair made the devices look for nearest or strongest local signal and therefore routed properly for a stable network

And if I’m honest half of it is my fault, I moved devices around at Christmas, didn’t exclude them, just renamed and put them in different places, i just need someone to go unplug them and bring them back to me so I can exclude and re add… I’m just too comfy right now to be ar#ed to do it but its still not the ghost device removal answer

Again, wait it out a day or two… I noticed soem other not-total-problem-child routes had improved when I checked mine after a couple-day break.

I have a feeling there was recently some kind of change ST did on the backend with how all of this stuff is handled such that some things take a while, but who knows.


Checked about an hour ago, ghost devices remained
Just checked now , ghost devices gone !

Thank you guys, patience was the answer


You must have meant Z-Wave per the title…


Great spot Ron, absolutely my mistake on that one !! Yes I did mean zwave as per title
Post corrected