Still blahed for no migration to newer/replacement hubs

FWIW, I’m still SO blahed that there is no migration for V1 owners, and not even a commitment for migration capabilities for V2 owners. If, after going through all the necessary pain there would be to manually move v1 to v2, I could at least be guaranteed I’d never have to do it again 1) if my V2 hub broke, or 20 a V3 hub came out, I’d do it anyway.

@slagle or someone else, is there any migration type that is being worked on? Like at least from one v2 to a replacement v2 hub?


I read that article stating that V1 to V2 wasn’t happening. What the article didn’t state explicitly was whether V2 to V2 (when a hub goes bad), or V2 to Vnext was going to happen. Knowing that I’d only have to manually move to V2 would be bearable if I knew it was that last time I’d have to do it. @slagle?

Assuming one eventually sees the light of day, there is no way I will buy a v3 hub unless there is a migration utility available on release. I’m not going to manually migrate 120+ devices (and probably more whenever the next hub is released). If an unfocused and scatter-brained company like Wink can do it, ST can do it and better IMO. I really, really love ST so far and I do hope a v3 is released and has some great new features, but they have to come through on a few promises that they have yet to fulfill on v2 before I would buy another hub.

Don’t plan on it happening. Even if they say it will happen, what history do you have that says you should believe them.

I would be concerned about my many devices but also my 200ish CoRE automations.

The only thing that would attract me to a V3 hub would be local execution of CoRE and all devices.

No interest in Bluetooth.

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Exactly. I tend to believe a v3 is in the works, but I won’t settle for a “we’ll have a migration tool within 6 months of release” or something like that. They have to have it on day 1 and they also have to come through with total local control for me to bite.

There is zero chance if my hub broke or a V3 Hub came out I would buy another SmartThings hub without a migration utility already in place.

I’d have no choice. We don’t remember how to turn on the lights.


@slagle Tim, can you at least reply that you can’t reply? Please?

Are you trying to create an infinite vortex that will lead to the destruction of the Universe? :cloud_tornado:

Be careful what you wish for! :speak_no_evil: :smile:

The details are here. :slight_smile:

I don’t think I have much choices. I have more devices than most people but if my V2 crapped out. There’s no way that I am going to move to Wink or Vera and have half my devices not working. Yeah, it’s crap but not the end of the world.

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