I made a terrible mistake - bought V2 before reading forums/reviews

Hello all, just bought the V2 and SOLD my V1 on ebay. Unfortunately, I did not read the forums and reviews - all of which are pretty consistent that migrating to the new hub is a terrible idea and will ruin ALL of my hard work that I put into setting up my V1.

At this point, I have no choice but to begin the transferring process. About to shut down my V1 and disconnect everything. Please pray for me!

P.S: Shame on Smartthings for releasing a new hub without doing any testing whatsoever

This simply is not true. There was extensive testing. Most V2 users are reporting that the hub functions pretty well. “Migration” is an entirely different can of worms, but in and of itself has nothing to do with deficiencies of the V2 hub.


OK, I exaggerated a bit by saying that - but please don’t make me list out all of the complaints on the V2. The only praises that I have seen are from new users with no prior experience in the IOT or with no experience with Smartthings. Believe me, I would love for my migration to go well - but I’m also not blind and deaf to the negativity surrounding the new hub. I assume everyone on here is pretty well-informed and keep up with what going on.

For veterans of ST (like myself) the MIGRATION is KEY and functionality of EXISTING things is KEY.

I hope to God that my experience mirrors the ‘good’ reviews that you speak of

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While it’s true some users have had issues, which is true for a new release of anything, and ST did drop the ball in a few places migration is not all bad.

  • You’re on the bleeding edge of the latest and greatest.
  • You get to rethink your setup making sure you’re using it in the best way.
  • You get to make sure your’e using the latest of any custom device types and smartapps

Yup, I agree it’s not easy work, but for me it was fun. I never upgrade a computer or phone. I always start fresh. Don’t get caught up in all the negative in the community right now, some of it may be 100% true, a lot of it is just people jumping on the bandwagon.

Be sure to come back and post your experience.

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You make some good points there Matt. Maybe I’m being too negative. I’ll think positive and cross my fingers and will report how it went

Bear in mind that people with negative views are about 10 times more likely to post here than people with positive results.


You understand that the reason you don’t see the positive reviews is because most people that are happy are silent, don’t you?

Then you need to read more. I have been using smartThings for almost two years. I have posted multiple comments stating how rock solid the performance is and how I’ve been able to get it to do pretty much everything I need it to. I do state I’ve had to be a little creative with it,but I’ve been very successful.

This is just spreading bad information. I can tell you for a fact that they did perform testing.

the only thing I will tell you is the migration is a pain. It took me a few days to exclude and then include my devices again. However, once it was done, my experience with smartThings was greatly improved.


Would very much like @oezeadi to report back after a few weeks and again after two or three months on how stable ST is. ST is a lot of things, but rock solid isn’t one.


We’ll have to disagree on this. I had a ton of performance problems and missed events on V1. Now on V2 for a few weeks and all of my problems are solved. I’m not saying they won’t come back, but my experience with V2 has been fantastic.


I migrated. I have 179 devices. I’m very happy with it. As stated many places and many times, most people post to try to figure out an issue - they don’t post just to say, hey things are great. By the way, they are great.


Ben indicated that V2 had more horsepower to handle more devices. However, I get V2 hub and on the box it says 100+ devices.

I had over 200 devices on V1 but had to cut it back to about 160 because it just couldn’t handle it. Did you have a similar experience? Did V2 solve the issue?

I have my V2 hub sitting in the box until this is cleared up.

Stay on topic: I am talking about V2, not V1. Thanks for the reply though

I’m a V1 veteran, and that had gone well thus far (very unstable, yes. but overall better than other things out there).

I’ll report back on V2 for stabilization updates - good idea

Crossing my fingers that I will share your good experience. I am live-installing on here to be fully transparent.

thanks - installing live so we’ll see

That’s good news about your V2 experience. I’ve decided to hold off for awhile since going back with Wink. Some folks are close to opening local control.

I will keep reading the forums to see how V2 progresses over the next month or two. It seems hit or miss from what I’ve read thus far.

I’ve had no major issue with v2. Things have been better. I still see the timeout (20 app second limit) error once in a while - seems less, but not gone. This error plagued my v1 setup, it really does seem less - maybe as some device events are offloaded via Smart Lighting or maybe because they scaled up.

I can go over 200 (I’ve been there), but some of the devices don’t really add enough value to my ST setup. The devices currently connected work great.

  • Good instructions from ST here ( ), but having no migration tool for launch was a ridiculous decision
  • Deleting all smartapps is totally ridiculous/convoluted for no reason (but easy nonetheless once you get them all)
  • No instructions on how to exclude light switches (but it is very easy - just turn switch on, then off)
  • Excluding the LFM-20 garage opener is ridiculous…got it to work after 20 mins
  • 1 hour in: finally deleted all smartapps and things from old hub
  • TBD next steps
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I was staying on topic. All of my comments pertain to V2.

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Installing the new hub seems to be going very well…