To "Migrate" or not to "Migrate"? (V1 hub to V2 hub)

Hi, I’ve been a relatively low-level user since early v1 days, with about 15-20 devices and simple apps like “Porch light on at 30% at sunset, up to 100% when motion detected, then off at sunrise.” Everything works fine, maintenance is light, and in late 2017 I’m still happy with what I’ve got.
Sooo… my question is, would it be any benefit to me to tear it all down and reinstall on V2, i.e., “migrate”?
I’d love to hear from those who have and those who haven’t. Also, is there anything in the wind about V1 support disappearing in the near future?

Patrick Dennis


If everything works fine, I wouldn’t change it. :sunglasses:


I also wonder about this. I bought a v2 hub over a year ago and still haven’t upgraded my v1 hub. Sometimes I think I must be missing out if I don’t get hub firmware upgrades, or local processing with smartlighting automations.

But on the other hand, I don’t really have a lot of problems with lag, and I’ve never really run into some of the other random stuff that others report (e.g. disappearing devices, or automations occurring when they shouldn’t because some cloud gremlin pushed a button).

One concern I have is that if I setup a new location with a new hub, I’ll be on a different cloud shard and then who knows what other bugs will start happening that I never dealt with before.


For some unknown reason, I just want to upgrade my V1 hub. I know there is little to gain and a bunch of unnecessary work that would be created. BUT… I can’t help but want to.
I’ll probably just wait for either: the V3 hub or until we move (hopefully soonish) to bite the bullet.
Plus, I would have to do it on a weekend where my wife went away with the kids. I can’t see a full teardown being a family friendly environment.

Migrate by room perhaps a better choice.

So you’re saying keep the V1 running and pull a few things at a time off and rebuild them on the V2? That sounds smart. I hadn’t considered that option. Thanks,


I just asked that question and answered it for myself about 3 months ago. I had a v1 from pre v2 days. I will say this, unless you are looking to add a lot of Osram bulbs I say there is ZERO reason to migrate to v2. The zigbee firmware updates to devices is a nice perk. But none of my sensors had any issues that I would attribute to zigbee issues. I still have the Cree ‘bug’ where the firmware sucks and drops messages. They havent pushed any firmware updates for them yet. The osram’s got the fix and everyone says they are fine.

So the process of migrating SUCKS. I do have a lot of things but still yet that isnt even half the problem. Losing all your automations suck. I spent a day taking screen shots of everything and I think I missed some. Then one thing I didnt think of… I am now on shard 4 (na04) instead of the original shard. You would think they wouldnt be different, and as an ops type of guy the benefits of keeping systems the same is huge. But I’ve seen more issues that I would attribute to the na04 shard than anything else. People would complain of issues and I wasnt affected at all, now I am.

First few weeks I was doing nothing but cursing my decision. There was zero noticeable benefit to the change. Now a couple months later I’ve ironed out most my issues. But still I couldnt tell you there was any difference in my day to day use that is improved by going v2.

If you are stable and happy…and not adding a bunch of Osram bulbs, I vote dont change. Until something changes with local processing theres no benefit. I am running a very ‘stock’ setup by using ‘stock’ dth’s and just smart lighting for my automations… I have only 2 automations out of about 25 or so, that run locally. Part of that is my use of Hue, but still even with the Cree bulbs they dont qualify for local processing.

Unless you just want to mess up a solid weekend, and cause havoc for a week…dont bother.


It’s like you’re in my house. I have a bunch of Cree bulbs, a few Hue (with bridge), and a few Osrams. Sounds like I should just cool my jets for a while.

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Define a bunch? >12 or so I had TONS of issues. To the point that the solution was to pair the Cree’s to the hue bridge. After that I was fine. Right now I have about 35 bulbs on Hue (Split between Cree’s and Hue’s), and probably 5 Cree’s on the ST hub. I have a bunch of Iris motion and door sensors. Arlo cameras, some st sensors like leak and garage door. But yea… I honestly regret swapping to the v2. Until there’s some changes to local processing and Hue…which sorta sounds like it might be happening, theres no way Id tell someone to do it.

I went easily a year without major issues. Now on the v2, I’ve opened maybe 15 tickets for all sorts of odd things. You have no reason to ‘just want to’. Believe me I am a geek that likes to tinker…but I enjoy when things ‘just work’. And this house used to…now not so much. I would praise how much I liked the system and how I never touched a switch, now I just keep my mouth shut.

This is what i worry about, as I mentioned above.

I think I’m going to keep going with my v1 hub for now. Thanks for sharing your experience.

I have just under 12 Crees. I’m in the market for a few more though. I’ve been considering moving them over to the Hue bridge too.

They pushed out firmware to “smooth the battery curve” over a month ago on many CentraLite/SmartSense devices and ever since those devices report 100% battery even while they are not. People have had the battery die (myself included) while never seeing the battery level change lower then 100. Based on this i wouldn’t consider firmware a benefit if they arnt testing it fully before deploy.

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Well always reporting 100% is one thing… Prior to going to v2, my batteries died at ~67%. I forget what the exact percentage was, but it was always the same. So basically the same issue…battery reporting doesnt work. The ST motion sensors would always say the same % and it was not 0… So moving that curve made sense, too bad it didn’t actually ‘fix’ the issue.

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I’m still running my v1 hub too… I wouldn’t migrate if everything is working.

The only thing that is tempting me to migrate is that it would force me to completely rebuild my system from scratch. My system is more complicated than yours, though… Almost 100 physical devices, and loads of virtual ones too. I still have Rule Machine automations kicking around (that are working fine, for now…), old CoRE automations, and old one-off custom-smartapp automations that I wrote to solve a specific problem. It takes forever for me to make any changes these days… it’s a house of cards. I do want to clear out all of my virtual devices and move all my automations to WebCoRE. I just can’t bring myself to give up a week of my life while everything is still working!

Plus, I think my wife would kill me if the house started acting up again…


For those who are using Smartthings (the new, not the classic), was there any issues with Alexa integration?

This thread is referring to migrating from the Samsung smartthings V1 hub to the Samsung smartthings V2 hub. Not migrating from the smartthings classic app to the new smartthings app.

As of this writing, March 13, 2018, support has advised everyone currently on the classic version of the app to stay there as the migration work is not finished and if you do try to use the new smartthings app you will lose some functionality. So just stay put on the smartthings classic app until you receive an individual notification from support that they are ready to migrate your account.

Opps. Thanks for the info though.

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