Alex, will you or won't you provide a migration tool as promised?

Continuing the discussion from A Message from Alex on Platform Improvements and Our Plan Forward:

@alex Once and for all, you need to answer the question of when and if you are going to support hub replacement/migration. In this thread where you apologized, several people asked about hub migration, and you and your team completely ignored them.

I have a v2 hub sitting unopened because I assumed ST would be true to their word and release a migration tool. I’m not alone in this. Even if you had no V1 customers waiting on your promised tool, you’re eventually going to have v2 hubs go bad - are you going to make users who get replacements for defective hubs also have to recreate their setup?!?!

In terms of priorities, only one thing should come above reliability, and that is simply keeping your word. It’s time for an answer! Will ST provide a migration tool, and when?


This has been covered over and over again on this forum. Most recently, @Ben chimed in with this:

And later, when asked when it would be available, he said this:

So, yes, they are working on it… and No, they aren’t going to give you a deadline.

I saw that. But I’m not asking Ben, I’m asking Alex. He put a plan forward, and talked about commitment. I want to hear his final, official statement on the promised migration tool, rather than hearing bits and pieces from others.

@alex, I’m looking forward to hearing the definitive statement around upgraded/replacement hub migration ifs and whens. Thank you.

Okay, so you want the “Founder, CEO” to make a post on the community forum to confirm what the “Founder, VP Community” already posted? I think the position of Smartthings as a company on the hub migration tool is pretty well documented at this point, but maybe there’s something Alex can add.

I believe in “ultimate responsibility” and “accountability” - ultimately, the CEO is ultimately responsible for decisions by others. So his response is what I ultimately care about. I think I have the right to address who I want how I want, regardless of whether or not you approve. Thank you.


Yes and with that attitude @alex also has the right not to comment in a public forum to someone who obviously is clearly frustrated with lack of a tool currently, and who most likely will not accept that the migration tool is a lower priority.

If it was me on a v1 hub I would have started migrating devices and automations one room at a time manually to the V2 hub and at the same time use the opportunity to clean up things…but that is just me. But I think it’s a better Idea than waiting for a tool that may not arrive until after v3 hub is established etc…

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