STHM setup or change no longer functions

Just found i can no longer edit devices in STHM or setup leak sensors or sound sensors, it was working last night but I’m not sure if this is due to the app update or just something I alone have got an issue with

One thing you may want to try - sign out and sign back in to the app. Note: this will cause any sorting you have made on the dashboard to be lost.

Yikes, really!! Nah, I will wait a while jkp, I only started messing with STHM yesterday and some of my automations need adjusting, currently my dogs are setting off intrusion messages while I’m out and I can’t adjust settings to solve the issue, luckily no alarms attached so no real harm done, just annoying I can’t resolve here and now

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his suggestion is mild- if that doesn’t work, the next step is uninstall STHM and reinstall it. :slight_smile:

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