How to change devices in each STHM mode setting?

I cannot find any information on which devices are activated in each security mode in STHM

12-10-21 have since found out how to do this. all good.

In STHM tap the gear icon in the upper right, tap the word security, tap the armed mode and then you can unselect all sensors and tap into it and select individual sensors.

Yeah, it’s A very confusing interface. :disappointed_relieved: See the community FAQ, which has screenshots.

FAQ: How to Choose Specific Sensors for Away/Home/Disarmed in STHM?

Excellent thank you!

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Excellent thanks a lot


I am trying to change/remove some sensors from STHM but when I click the gear icon within STHM I get an error; “There was trouble connecting. Try again later”. I have been getting this error everyday for 2 weeks.

Any suggestions?

There have been a large number of people reporting the same. I’d suggest you put in a support ticket to at least log another instance of the error.

I had the same error, and fixed it by deleting/reinstalling the STHM smartapp.

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