SHM in new ST app broken badly, lost all devices, and can't see any devices to add?

Sometime this morning, SHM broke in the new app and lost ALL the devices and settings that were previously added and configured. Additionally, SHM will not allow me to rebuild it because it can’t see any device anymore. Anyone else have/had this problem?

Ok, I have to ask… have you tried signing out and then logging back in?

Yup, a few times since this morning, and a few minutes as a sanity check. I was hoping that would do the trick, but no luck. It’s also happening on my other devices (another phone and tablet). I went ahead and sent in a ticket to ST support.

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mine are still there

I think it is a result of the user removing the background image of the plant :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: Just kidding!


LOL, good one. I actually started moving a lot of my automations, routines, and scenes to the new app as it’s been getting a little better, until now. SHM has been installed and working fine for a few months. Classic is still faster, but I am preparing for the inevitable.

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Do the sensors still show as devices in the list?

You bet, as well as when creating/editing any scene or automation. I was literally watching the phone when I saw SHM go blank and then tell me to “check your sensors”.

FWIW, I did keep that goofy background on my tablet! :wink:

Got to give ST support some kudo’s on this ticket I sent in. Got a reply in 15 minutes!

Going to follow their suggestions and delete SHM and try again.

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A little update for those following this thread.

Deleting SHM worked, kind of, but I’m only able to add back Smoke and Leaks, but Security still breaks SHM.

UPDATE: looks like I can only add 2 of the 3 SHM components (in any combination). I’ve had all 3 working fine for months, until this morning.

UPDATE: No progress since yesterday. Still broken, but now a little worse:

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