Broken hub

My smartthings hub v3 broke. I need to install a new one. Any recommendations or steps to follow on how to do it and then how to migrate all my devices?

When you get the new replacement hub… there is a Hub Migration Tool that has been spotted. I haven’t seen any post in regards to anyone actually using it. Give it a try and do provide details. Users would be fascinated to hear about your experience with the tool.

Note: the tool does not show until you have the new hub and connected to your account (unless you have multiple hubs). Do not remove or reset the old hub at any point before the migration.

Can I ask what is broken with your current v3 hub?


Thank you so much!!!. Thursday I get the new hub and I’ll do the tests.
The old Hub burned due to a voltage variation in the electrical system.

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jkp, do you know if the replacement tool works with the aeotec hub?

It is the same hardware as the ST 2018 (v3) hub so it should :slight_smile:

My smartthings station arrived but unfortunately the migration tool does not appear in any menu. Do you know how to force it to apear?. Or there is not applicable if I want to migrate a smartthings hub 3 to a smartthings station?

You may want to contact ST support at this point? I have not seen any postings at this point in regards to anyone actually using the migration tool. There are so many unknowns since no details have been released. Can you even migrate from a v2/v3/aeotec hub to the Station since they are on different firmwares… just don’t know.

Do you know the email or user contact for the support team?. is the main one for the US. if you are in another region, go to to find your regional contact

Do you have any z-wave devices? The Station doesn’t support z-wave.

And I’ll be very surprised if it’s possible to use the migration tool to migrate from a Hub to a Station! But, as was said above, there haven’t been any reports of people actually using the migration tool yet.

I don’t have zwave devices.
I email support for help on migration tool. I will post their answer here

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Smartthings answered the following regarding the migration tool between a Smartthings Hub v3 and a Smartthing Station:

Firstly, we regret to inform you that it is currently not possible to migrate from an old hub to the SmartThings Station. This is due to compatibility limitations between the older hub models and the SmartThings Station. We understand that this might be disappointing news, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Secondly, it’s important to note that Z-wave devices are not compatible with the SmartThings Station. The SmartThings Station is designed to work with Matter and Zigbee devices only.

Just now Smartthings support answer this when I ask for wich hubs have migration tool active:

“Hi Felipe,
Thanks for writing back to us.
We regret to inform you that as of our latest updates, the migration tool option is no longer available. We understand that this feature was valuable to our users, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Our development team has shifted its focus towards other enhancements and improvements within the SmartThings ecosystem. While we don’t have immediate plans to reintroduce these specific features, we are continually working to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for our customers.”

So they have teased us with a migration tool twice now. Fool me once…

Or they’re working off the current script, which hasn’t been updated for a potentially new feature yet. As @Automated_House has been reminding us, Samsung has a big Developers event coming up soon and it looks like multi hub and hub recovery are going to be two of the topics there. But who knows what the details will be?