Android vs ios app

Has anyone see an issue like this before? I have a Rheem connected hot water heater I have worked on getting into ST with a custom smart app and device handler with other users. Now I able to see different thermostat temps in Android, but in IOS app at exact same time the temps are not showing.

Obvious, but make sure that phone app version on the Android is up to date. It should do it automatically. If up to date, I would contact Support.

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Yep sounds like a rendering bug on your Android app which happens after the recent ST UI layer upgrade.
Would be good if you posted the tile metadata from your device handler to ensure that the right data types are being used.
e.g. ValueTiles should only use numbers/decimals and not strings

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Android is not the issue, that is showing the data… lower screen shot is android. issue is IOS not showing data. App is up to date

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see my other comment, it is IOS not showing the data, 1st screen shot is IOS, 2nd screen shot with the temperature data is Android.

Correct, one Android tends to follow the rules more strictly where as iOS is much more forgiving in it’s rendering the way ST has designed it. There’s been extensive discussions about this recently with the new UI layer and it’s rendering.

Just saying check it the tile metadata before going to ST support as:

  1. It may be a quick/right fix
  2. ST support may throw is back saying it’s a community app and you should contact the author, however if you go in with the data validated it makes a stronger case for them investigate the issue if it still persists

here is the code for the buttons

standardTile(“lowerTemp”, “device.lowerTemp”){
state(“temperature”, label:‘Lower\n${currentValue}°’)
state(“temperature”, label:‘Ambient\n${currentValue}°’)
standardTile(“upperTemp”, “device.upperTemp”){
state(“temperature”, label:‘Upper\n${currentValue}°’)

sendEvent(name: “lowerTemp”, value: data.lowerTemp as Integer)
sendEvent(name: “ambientTemp”, value: data.ambientTemp as Integer)
sendEvent(name: “upperTemp”, value: data.upperTemp as Integer)

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Looks great :+1: now you can report it to ST support with the code snippet and the screenshot