Static IP assignment for the Samsung Connect router?

My network is setup as follows: Modem to “Primary” Hub then I have 2 other hubs.
So the primary is assigning IPs on my network.
I would like to set aside a range of static IPs for specific devices (Printers, Cameras, etc).
The reason for this is so I can access them directly in case of a internet outage and know the rage they fall under.
How can this be accomplished? On my CISCO I just simply went into the config and gave it a rage to not assign.

Not really related to SmartThings, however; if what you call your ‘primary hub’ is actually performing DHCP services (i.e. assigning IP addresses) then you should be able to get this to make ‘reservations’ for certain devices so that it issues the same IP address each time that device is switched on. This is probably the easiest thing to do.
How you would do this on your equipment, I have no idea as you have not told us what it is!
I would suggest that you google the name of your primary hub and see if there is a forum or youtube video where you can get more information.


Is this for the Samsung connect?

If not, what is the brand and model of the router?


you can set up reserved dhcp ip for your network equipment in router but you need to retrieve the MAC addresses which usually is written on a label.

You can also look up already assigned IP’s. Then go to each device and assign the ip the router gave it. Better to assign an higher IP so as not to duplicate an IP on your network.

All my device have assigned IP’s & now named in the router, I use a Nighthawk X10

ITs a SAMSUNG Connect Home ET-WV520
Ive googled this topic and can find nothing on setting aside an IP rage for other devices so it does NOT assign them through DHCP.

I never had a reason to look into the connect home device, but looking through the support articles on the Samsung website it seems to have pretty few settings that traditional routers often have.

I don’t understand why you need static IP addresses for certain devices when you have no internet access though?

The previously posted replies, combined, are the solution.

If you look at your router table right now, you will see that the Samsung hub has an IP address on the router to which it is connected. On that router, you can assign it that particular IP address if you like by marrying its MAC address to that IP address.

Alternatively, you can set aside a range of IP addresses that the router cannot assign dynamically. I keep mine in the range All my components get an assigned IP address. The tv, the AVR, the SmartThings hub, the hue hub, the Chamberlain garage system, the ecobee etc, along with all known portable devices. It allows me to know exactly what is online at any moment, and thereby to know if there are any interlopers. And I can also monitor my network traffic, and know if any devices are spewing garbage data.

You cannot access the HUB interface directly by putting in the gateway like you can with a Netgear, CISCO etc.
So I guess the answer is simply no it cannot be done with what i have.

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The HUB is not plugged into a router its plugged into the modem.
The HUB is the router acting as the DHCP server.

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Wait. You’re saying that Samsung has released a wireless Ethernet router that has no interface by which a user may perform standard - and often necessary - network Administration??

Clearly, it is not designed to be your primary network access point.

The Samsung connect is a new system, and most of us in the forums have the older systems and are not very familiar with it.

You’ve probably already tried this, but they do have their own chat help that might get you a quicker answer:

I find this very annoying as well. I like to customize my IP range. I don’t use - it give me a bit more security (protect me from honest people). I also give printers a static IP address. Samsung has a VERY elementary admin page. It forces, does DHCP, and no static IPs.

I connect the CH to my home router and assign static IPs from it. CH sees it as my gateway and devices on CH can fine static IPs on my home router.

Let’s home Samsung enhances their user interface and admin features.