Hub Hostname

Does anyone know if there is a way to change the host name for the Hub?


On the hub itself? I don’t believe so. What’s the end goal?

Just wondering because I noticed it was showing as SmartThings and I was going to update it to reflect SmartThings-Hub. No big deal I was just curious. I guess just being a tinkering geek/techy lol.



That’s always a good reason. In this case though you unfortunately can’t change the hostname.

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You could always set up a local DNS server and give it an alias, but that is way over complicating things. :smile:

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DHCP reservation in your router, change the name when you assign it a static IP address (which you should do anyways, static IP that is) … IMO anyways.

Same problem here. I assigned the Smartthings Hub a static address in the router but the Netgear DHCP server still gives it a dynamic address. This is consistent behavior with this router/manufacturer. Static IP address assignments with this router still require the requesting device to provide the IP address. Weird…but that is the way it is.

So there is no way to set a static IP address within the hub?

No, but the issue you’re having with the router sounds crazy. Are you sure you assigned the static reservation to the correct MAC? Maybe need a firmware update for the router?

Yep…pretty sure. The DHCP server in Netgear looks for an IP address request for static assignments. Doesn’t appear to match MAC address to the requestor. So…only “half” a DHCP server in my mind.

I reserved a set of 50 addresses for static assignments (versus dynamic in a higher range) and could get any of my static addresses to work (server, workstations…etc) to get the static assignment until I put the specific address in that device’s IP configuration.

Maybe someone else has figured out how to make Netgear DHCP hand out IP addresses based on MAC address work? If so, I’d like to hear it.

In the meantime, I take it that there is no way to assign an address to the V2 Hub itself? No web interface?

Thanks Jordan for the kick in the pants to better understand DHCP v. Static on Netgear. I am not a network engineer so don’t know how it is supposed to work but finally figured it out and got a static assignment to the SmartThings hub.

My assumption going into DHCP address v. Static IP address management was that the DHCP reserved ranged was meant strictly for dynamic addresses, and that addresses falling outside of that range could be used for static assignments. That worked ok for devices where I could set the static IP address but not for those where I couldn’t (e.g., SmartThings hub). Once I changed the reservation range, it all worked.

IMHO opinion this is stupid. What is the purpose of not being able to give a static address to a device using a MAC address where the static address cannot be set. To me, it seems that:

  1. DHCP reserved ranges should be used for dynamic IP address assignment
  2. Addresses outside of the reserved range should be able to be used for static assignments.

Again, # 2 works only for those devices where static IP addressed can be manually set.

Thanks for the push…I learned something today.

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Glad you figured it out. Without seeing the router GUI some of what you’re saying is hard for me to follow lol. But usually the DHCP reserve would be what you would want to omit from the DHCP server being able to assign as an IP address.

Usually what you were trying to accomplish would be usually called an address reservation or lease reservation. Sometimes called different things. It’s cleaner this way.

Your way move of old school way of doing it. Omit IPs from the DHCP scope and then assign those statically at the devices themselves. But in this case the hub, at least V1 doesn’t have a GUI, so no dice.


I’m having trouble finding the Hub hostname on my network. Does it broadcast as smartthings.local?