Assigning Hub's IP WITHOUT Use of DHCP?

I would like to use my hub on my LAN without the use of a DHCP server. I can’t find any topics on this, just lots of similar (but not correct) topics about using DHCP to assign a static IP address.

I am trying to assign static IP addresses WITHOUT the use of a DHCP server to do so. On most devices, I can just go into the settings (usually via a web interface, which I know is not available on the hub) and assign the IP address manually.

How can I achieve this on my hub if possible at all?

Set static IP on your router.

Find the hub on your router, copy its Mac address and set it to a static IP

But this requires DHCP & the OP wants to run without it.

A while back, I asked support about using a static IP on the hub and learned that feature is not available. Seems like an easy add, but no joy!

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Pretty much impossible to not have DHCP, unless you only have 1 device on your network

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Right! Or build & manage the entire network with static addressing, LOL!


I have several VLANs that have no DHCP service running. These are service LANs that never will get an unknown device. I have configured the 100 some devices manually, via whatever method.

This way a device can not plug-in and work. Keep those not in the know (or good packet sniffing hardware) from using or accessing the net.

In respect to this, Does the hub support 802.1x? Can I have the box authenticate with the Switch? I want to move to a authenticated network. Each device will use credentials or better yet a SSL style certificate.

I think your expectations are too high for a “consumer-grade” product. I’m not saying the level of security you desire isn’t unreasonable, nor perhaps good practices for home networks in this increasingly “hackable” world; it’s just that SmartThings has to place a certain weighting on simplicity of configuration over the requirements that you list.

If even 80% of SmartThings customers have “open-DHCP networking” … well; it’s more likely to be 98%, actually…, then I think it is reasonable for them to defer support for the 2%.

Yes, and it should support poe and ipv6 while we are asking.


Already asked for that in another thread.

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=> into the router / network/ lan
Find out where there is binding