Starting over with everything after a move?

We moved a few months ago. I started using SmartThings in January of 2013. I was writing a business plan to utilize mesh tech in an industrial environment. So I thought should use the tech. It worked great! I used outdoor and indoor bulbs, elect outlets, heater control, and garage door sensor.

Having trouble getting things to connect in the new house. It doesn’t see them in the app. In particular the garage door opener and a couple of external outlets. I’m guessing one issue is that they are older (5 or 6 years).

I’m thinking about starting over, reset the hub and delete and re-install the app. Appreciate any suggestions.

What does this mean? You can’t pair them or they are not listed under Add Partner or Samsung devices? If z-wave… have you performed a z-wave exclusion successfully on them first?

Brand/model of the devices?

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The bulbs are Cree, the outlets are CentralLite, garage door is gocontrol

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if you go to Add Device → Partner devices (add) → Go Control → Add without a QR code (at bottom of screen in small text) → select your hub (if prompted)… what happens?

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I would suggest logging into the ST Advanced Web App to get a view of what the platform thinks is associated with your account. There you should be able to see the hub registered to your account and any devices that would be assigned to that hub. You can also tell what Edge drivers or cloud->cloud integrations the devices are using.

If your hub was offline during the migration from DTH to Edge drivers, it’s likely your devices might have been converted to just “Things”, if they were converted at all, and you may need to manually switch drivers.


Just so you know:

The bulbs are Cree,

Zigbee. You’ll need to find the user manual to figure out how to factory reset this.

the outlets are CentralLite,

Zigbee. You’ll need to find the user manual to figure out how to factory reset this.

garage door is gocontrol

Zwave. Will probably need a Z wave exclusion done before you add it back. Again, you’ll need the user manual to find out how to put it into exclusion mode.

Which model hub do you have? If it’s a V2 or V3, you will need to get the firmware up-to-date before doing anything else. That should happen automatically when you connect to your SmartThings account, but it may take a little while. You can see what version the hub is on at the advanced page in the official web interface to your account.

If you hard reset the hub, you’ll have to start from scratch with everything, but normally you wouldn’t need to do a full reset. Maybe a soft reset just to get the hub to check for firmware updates. :thinking:


Just to help clarify the situation:

  1. You have moved a hub that was working from your previous home to your new home, and

  2. You have moved some (but not all?) devices that were previously working with this hub from your previous home to your new home…



That is correct. The hub and devices have been offline for about 5 months.

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Speaking as a former field tech…

Something odd here. So I, too, would like to get more clarification on the current situation. :thinking:

If it’s only been five months, that should be a non-issue for a SmartThings set up, even if you moved everything to a different City. As far as Z wave and Zigbee devices, they should all still belong to the hub. That’s no different than somebody who has devices they only bring out at Halloween or Christmas and then put them away for a year again. Everything should start right up once you plug them into power again. Also, since it’s only been five months, they should all have been automatically transitioned to the new edge driver system. so…

Start by going to the advanced page of the official web interface to your SmartThings account and check what it says for the hub.

  1. Does it say you have a hub?
  2. does it say that hub is operational?
  3. how many locations does it say you have?
  4. assuming you have a hub and it’s operational, how many devices does it say are connected to it?
  5. do your problematic devices show up in the device list, but you just can’t use them? Or does it not show them at all?
  6. do any other devices that use zwave or Zigbee show up in the device list and work OK?

If the problematic devices are in the device list, they just aren’t working in the app, it could be that the physical configuration of your network is different at the new location and they’ve gotten out of range.

if they don’t show up on the device list, but you have more than one location shown, check to see if any of them are on the other location.

if they don’t show up at all, then, either your hub or the individual devices were accidentally reset. It can happen. :man_shrugging:t2:

If that’s the problem, then you do need to individually reset the devices to make sure everything is clear, do a Z wave general exclusion for any Z wave devices, and then you should be able to add them back to the hub.

If the hub itself is missing, or non-functional, that’s a different situation.

Also, if you’d rather just start over from scratch, that’s certainly up to you. But go ahead and run through the questions I just asked so let’s make sure you don’t have any ghost devices on the account you’d have to get rid of Anyway, once you reset everything.