Starting a smart home (UK): Echo plus Sky Q plus Samsung televisions?

Hi, I’m just getting started and looking for advice, I am thinking of ordering a smartthings hub and an echo show to get going. I currently have a ring 2 device installed to the front door and a couple of foscam ip cameras (FI9831W & FI9805W) which I can access through my samsung phone and tablet. Will I be able to integrated these into smartthings?
I have Sky Q and 3 x samsung TVs throughout the house (all smart TVs but not new models) can these all be integrated through the echo and smartthings?
Also I have a collection of music and videos on my PC that I can access on the TVs through the home network, can this be integrated somehow?
I suppose what I’m looking to do is voice activate everything, for example tell the TV to play a video from the PC or tell the echo show to show me a live stream from the foscams or ring 2 devices, or simply tell Sky Q to go to a certain channel.
I’ll start adding lights and stuff further down the line

Lets start with the TV’s… I dont think the Sky Q is compatible at all, but I havent tried. Maybe someone else can shed some light on this for you. Regarding the Samsung Tv’s, if your model number is KS or KU with a 6 after its compatible. These all came out the later end of 2016 I think, anything older wont be compatible.
One way that you can get around this is by using Harmony Hubs where you can set up activities. For example, in my livingroom my Harmony hub will switch on TV, Amp and certain channel/xbox etc by running that activity, for example telling echo “switch on xbox”. This was a quick and simple solution for me to that problem.

I know the ring 2 is compatible, but I havent tried it myself, the same with the Foscam IP Camera’s. You can check the compatiblity on the smartthings website for your specific models.

As to playing music and videos, you can do this via plex and echo directly, no need for smartthings to even get involved here. It is a little fiddly to get set up though… warning in advance. Im sure there are other DLNA servers that will also do this for you.

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If you’re looking for only voice activation, SmartThings is a waste. it is a Home Automation hub, primarily. Also, it would be good to say what country you’re in.

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Hi yeah I get ST isn’t necessary for some of the things I mentioned, just looking further down the line for when I add more smart devices to the home. I thought I’d start off with something basic like voice activation of the TV but it seems they will need updating so I might begin my journey with garden lighting instead :slight_smile:
My limited understanding so far tells me getting a ST hub may come in handy at some point in the future.
Oh & I’m in the UK

It looks like most people who want to control sky Q with echo are using the harmony hub as a “man in the middle.”