Connect Amazon Echo and Samsung Smarttv via ST but on different network?

I currently have SmartThings at my “New House” and have Amazon Echo and a Samsung SmartTv at the “old (current) house” is there any way to have alexa control my Smasung TV?

I do have my Echo connected to ST.

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I’m not sure about direct options with the Samsung TV, but if you add a harmony home hub for about $99 at the old house, echo can control the harmony hub through IFTTT and the harmony hub can control the Samsung TV in the sense that echo can trigger harmony activities.

Those work very well for turning the TV on and off, changing inputs like a Roku or a DVD player, and going to a favorite channel like the Disney Channel or ESPN TV.

What it doesn’t do so well is repeated commands like increasing the volume or channel surfing when channel at a time. You can do it, but it’s pretty clunky.

So it depends in part on what you are trying to accomplish.

I found a few other solutions that would have been free, however I noticed I have a 2014 model Samsung Smart TV and from what I’m told they have a closed API on that model. Will the harmony hub still work with my TV?