ST wont turn anything on or off

I recently switched from a ST Link to an ST Hub V2 about a week ago. I have set up 17 zigbee bulbs, 10 zigbee switches/buttons, 6 sonoff relays, 2 zwave locks, and 3 zwave outlets as well as a integration Harmony, MyQ, and Nest. Things were working great for the last week then this morning I noticed nothing was working. Hub was online but none of my lights would work. I powered off the hub for 30 min then back on, and I can see my devices all show as online, but ST will not turn anything on or off. If i use one of my switches nothing happens but the event shows in the log. If I try to turn something on or off through the app it goes to “Turning On/Off” and just hangs there. This is true of all zigbee, zwave, and sonoff devices. My integrated devices still seem to work fine. Any idea what’s causing this?

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Not that a hub “reset” will be the answer but did you pull the batteries during the power off reset? 30 min is a long time. I doubt you need that long.

Yes pulled the batteries as well. About an hour later control of my sonoff and zwave devices is back to normal. zigbee devices are still 50/50. Most bulbs are working, although they dont seem to be updating changes to the app (on/off status, color temp) so some of my routines arent working correctly. I’ll give it some more time and see they improve.

I received a message a little while ago about a situation with device health causing some devices to show as being offline. I don’t have device health turned on so I didn’t really look at it. I think they said they are addressing it now or have already fixed it. I have no idea how that issue manifested itself otherwise. Waiting is often the best course. I’ve fixed a few things by not trying to fix them!

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Could all be related to the issues reported on Status page:

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Well my devices are showing online now and can be turned on/off, but status update to ST is still wonky. If I change the color temp on my lights in the app, the light changes correctly but ST still shows the old color temp. Dimming doesnt seem to report correctly either. If I dim to 10% the bulb will dim correctly but ST app shows the bulb at 80% or some other value that isnt correct. I see that device control shows as “degraded performance” so hopefully that is whats causing the issue and will just continue to keep an eye on it. It is breaking some of my daily routine scene stuff but at least i can turn things on and off now.