Sengled zigbee bulb not accessible in ST

If have 2 sengled zigbee bulbs (element color plus) that were working fine for months and just stopped being accessible in ST a couple of days ago. Bulbs still turned on but are not controllable by ST. I’ve tried deleting the devices and re-adding (the QR code on the device was unable to be verified). I’ve tried resetting the bulbs (on/off 10 times) and rebooting my ST hub. No help.

Anybody else having problems or have ideas?

Lots of people having some trouble over the last day or two, it looks like hubs got out of sync with the cloud. The fix seems to be just to reboot the hub, but not from the IDE, you have to physically unplug it. Anyway, see the following:

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Thanks for the rely, JD! Turns out the devices just started working. I did reboot the hub but still wasn’t able to control them even though the IDE showed them as On. However, hours later they started working!

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