Controlling GE Link Bulbs

(Paul Melian) #1

I have two lights that I was hoping to GE Link bulbs in. I don’t have them connected to a Zwave switch. My ST hub can see the bulbs, but I can’t control them. I don’t want to assign any apps or rules to control them, I just want to be able to turn them on and off, but regardless of what the status says in the app, they don’t do anything. Am I missing something?

(Richard) #2

Need hub firmware update. Email ST support.


You need your hub’s Zigbee firmware updated to 1.5.4 and you’ll be good.

(Paul Melian) #4

I got the upgrade last night and this evening they are working perfectly! A quick email to SmartThings support took care of it all!


I have the same issue as reported by OP. When I look at the firmware version for my Hub (at it shows the following:

Firmware Version: 000.013.00013
Hardware Version: hub v1, US customer

I am assuming that a Firmware upgrade is required in order to control the bulbs? Is that still the case to address this issue?


For lights, usually it’s the zigbee version that needs to be upgraded (to 1.5.4). Same page, different line entry.

In either case, contact and they can help.


Thanks JDRoberts. I checked my Zigbee version and it shows the following under the Data section (in My Hub page)

zigbeeFirmware: 1.5.4

So it looks like I have the “right” firmware. So not sure why I am not able to control these lights. Even though the ST hub recognizes them and added them to my Devices.


Several people (including me) have reported light control issues over the last two days, it may be a cloud problem.

Do report it to support so they can look at your specific setup.


The issue is resolved! It was a sequence of events thing :smile:

I installed the bulbs on Friday and they didn’t work. I reset the bulbs on Friday and that too didn’t solve it.

Emailed support on Saturday and the upgraded the firmware sometime over the weekend - however, they forgot to send me an update. After chatting with them, they suggested that I reset the bulbs again AFTER the firmware upgrade. I did that and they are working great!

Bottom line is that it looks like if you have an old firmware, it’s best to wait for ST support to upgrade the firmware and THEN install (or reset) the bulbs.

Bottom line, all is well now. Able to control (and dim) the lights via the ST iPhone app.