ST wifi Mesh SSID?

Ok so I just upgraded from a ST Hub V3 to the wifi Mesh system and the first thing I noticed is I don’t see how I can name the 2.4gHz and 5gHz bands a different SSID. I would like to do this so I have some control over which networks devices are connected to. My nest cameras out front are connecting to the 5gHz band at a fair connection instead of the 2.4gHz at a good connection. I need the penetration on the 2.4gHz band to serve the outdoor cameras better. Does anyone know how I could name these two different SSID’s or other ways of controlling which band devices connect.

Probably doesn’t allow it. I believe @tgauchat owns this system. Maybe he knows.

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Prior to Samsung SmartThings WiFi, I also used distinct SSIDs - mainly so I could see what band my phone/tablets were latching to around my home.

I’m pretty sure Plume/ST WiFi doesn’t offer this.

It is AI algorithm driven. I presume it uses 5g until the signal is too weak (then falls back to 2g if your device has auto fallback), unless the device only has 2g, of course.

Ok my house is only 1700 sqft so I decided that 3 hubs were to many as I noticed devices bouncing between two of the hubs and often the nest camera would end up on a weaker hub. I disconnected the 3rd hub and placed the hub in my garage right on the other side of the wall from the nest camera that was giving me an issue. It is now connected on 5GHz band with excellent signal. Now I’m going to pull a Ethernet cable to this node so both will have Ethernet backhaul for the best network possible.

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I have also 3 hubs, my question is naming SSID’s I have my Main Wifi Name xxxxx. and I have guest with a password but you cant see Guest on the WiFi network? I’m trying to setup Guest so guests can only have access to internet only and cant get into any other area on my LAN. Anyone have any ideas. tks