Control on which band devices use?

I need some advice/help.
I may have overlooked a setting or somethings but I’m stumped.

I have a SmartThings Hub v3 and also a Samsung Q8 series TV and the issue I am having is that I’m only seeing a single network from the hub (whereas my ISP router would show a 2.4 and 5g networks) and I assume it’s the way the mesh network works. I’m ok with that but what I’m not ok with is that it keeps connecting to the 2.4ghz band and I can’t seem to find any setting on either the TV or Hub to make it stay on a particular band.

I know that the TV works on the 5g band as before the hub i had it on my ISP routers 5g Network.
I do notice a speed ddropbetween 2.4 and 5Ghz and its getting on my nerves haha.

Could it be Plume is still learning what is faster? (It’s been a week since connecting the hub)

Anyone able to help?

The SmartThings version 3 hub is only a WiFi reciever, and only uses 2.4gHz

V3 can use 5 ghz. Justin, which model hub do you have? You mention v3, but then mention Plume at the end, which only the SmartThings WiFi mesh system has.


I am quite confused :upside_down_face::dizzy_face:

I got it in the starter pack that came with motion sensors and multi sensors from RACV

The model number is: ET-WV525BWEGAU

Ok. That’s SmartThings WiFi. It’s pretty normal for mesh WiFi systems to broadcast one network ID even though it broadcasts two frequencies. I assume it’s the TV your having trouble with? The SmartThings hub is built into the system, so it shouldn’t have any troubles connecting.

Yeah, the TV does connect but only to the 2.4 Ghz.

When i search for a wireless network via the TV, it only shows 1 network ID so how can i force it connect to 5Ghz?
The Hub literally sits the TV so range isn’t an issue.

Thanks for the help Jimmy.

Anything else I can try?

I’m not sure you can do anything. Does the Samsung tv even support 5 ghz?

Jim, thanks for the correction.