ST WiFi Firmware - Are these no longer getting updates?

I feel like I haven’t seen a firmware update for the SmartThings Mesh WiFi hubs in ages. These have frequent bugs as well that I would assume would be patched, but nothing to date. The firmware has been stuck at 000.027.00010.

Common Issues:

  • Hub drops offline randomly but maintains a solid green LED
  • HUB_DISCONNECTED glitches are more frequent in these than the V3 hubs
  • Fatal flaw - if hub has issue with ST cloud, Plume cannot operate in standalone. So when service outages occur, it takes the WiFi down with it.
  • Cannot disable Plume/WiFi, so if you use one of these and buy a different router system, you’re going to have to nuke your smart home configuration to get rid of the old WiFi.

A status update on this model would be extremely appreciated.

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I was about to ‘bite the bullet’ and factory reset my ST Wifi so that I can set up Plume - Android Plume app claims “No SmartThings Wifi Hub found.” despite having two connect home pros in a mesh at my location.

@coalshark would you suggest I avoid Plume based on your experience?

ST Wifi and Connect Home are similar but different products. They can’t be combined together and only ST Wifi supports Plume.

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Darn. Well at least you saved me the pain of trying to make it work based on the cryptic error message!

Thanks @Brad_ST


My ST WiFi is using firmware v000.029.00009 but not sure when that update was pushed

@Brad_ST is ST WiFi capable of any local processing like the updates pushed to the V2 and BE hubs? I don’t see nearly the information made available to the stand alone hubs published about the integrated ST WiFi hub.

Yes. As noted in this support article, the ST Wifi hub is capable of local processing.


Thanks for sharing!