Smart things wifi will not update to latest Plume firmware

I purchase a SmartThings WiFi 3 pack and the firmware will not update. I called SmartThings support and they had me reset the units, perform factory resets and nothing worked. I hope someone here can help me before I return these devices.

what is the firmware version on your SmartThings WiFi?

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The firmware is WV525XXU2ARI2.

That’s the model number. Not the firmware version. Read the link that at JKP gave you and it will list the latest firmware version for each model.

There hasn’t been a firmware version for the Wi-Fi model in quite a while, so I would be surprised if it was out of date unless you bought it used.

The model number is ET-WV525.

I would note here that the instructions telling you how to find your firmware version in the app are incorrect for the WiFi hubs. (The information screen doesn’t list firmware version.)
You can find the firmware version in the SmartThings IDE as described. I noticed that mine is 000.022.0052 (22.52) and the most current is 24.52 so I’m wondering when mine will update :slight_smile:

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The firmware version is just numbers, no letters, and will look something like this:


Although there may be a bunch of leading zeros to fill out the field.

This is the release for the latest firmware update.


That’s an upgrade to the Plume network management software which comes with the current model of the Samsung Wi-Fi mesh router. It’s not an update to the hub’s firmware, which is probably why everybody was confused. :scream:

To get support for that, you probably need to talk to plume rather than to Samsung.

I don’t know if you can call the plume support number directly, or if you have to start from inside the SmartThings app. But they’ll be able to tell you how to update the version of plume that you have.

Sorry for the earlier confusion. The plume integration is new, and limited to that specific hub model.


I called Plume and the update listed is a firmware update to the Smartthings wifi. Plume support also stated that only Samsung can push the firmware updates to the Smartthings wifi. They contacted Samsung and they confirmed that my router has not been updated to the latest firmware and my issue was being escalated to the Smartthings support team.

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Thanks for the update! I hope they get it done for you soon. As I mentioned, the plume feature is quite new and only limited to that model hub, so I don’t think anyone knows too much about it yet. It’s supposed to have some really nice features, though. :sunglasses:

( I updated this topic title to include “plume” so in case anybody else has the same problem they can follow this thread.)

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I actually contacted SmartThings tech-support about my firmware showing revision 22.52 and their response was “We show your Hubs to have the latest firmware.” So I went and checked the IDE again and , lo and behold, it now reads 000.024.00052 (which is the current version).
I guess the answer to my question of “When will my hubs update?” is “Sometime yesterday.” :smile:


I checked mine this morning and appears that my hubs were updated around 0400 hours today. So my firmware now shows 000.024.00052.

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