10-10-22 Software Update to Smartthings Wifi has left hubs disconnected and bricked! (Oct 2022)

Samsung pushed an update to my hub this morning at approximately 7:20am PST and my hub disconnected and reset itself. Upon trying to reconnect the hub, the hub will not connect and I have probably lost all of my connected devices. I have one main hub and 3 satellite hubs. This is incredibly irresponsible of Samsung. So frustrating. Customers beware!

Which model for the SmartThings Wi-Fi? (Samsung Connect/ SmartThings Wi-Fi mesh with Plume)
What software update? Plume?

Have you contacted ST support?

There were no firmware updates for any of the models today according to the status page.

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My hub STH-ETH-200 also stopped responding around the same time and its LED is iterating between solid blue / solid green. Smartthings app on iPhone displays “Couldn’t add device. A network or server error occurred. Try again later.”
I tried to reset it several times - didn’t help.

Yep. This is so screwed I cannot even believe it. For anyone this happens to you’re going to have to delete the old hub and add it back in as if its a new hub. Resetting your entire smart home devices. A COLOSSAL screw up on Samsungs part.

I spent three hours with tech support on 3 different calls. According to them this is the only way around this issue.
One thing you can try is to add in the hub as long as your phone is connected to some other wifi. But since this hub is supposed to be the main wifi device, that’s particularly tricky.

Also, adding in the hub as a new device will screw up your Plume side of things. You’ll need to contact Plume and have them delete any instances of hubs from your current integration.

I hope you don’t have a lot of devices attached to Smarthings cuz this is going to wipe them all. At this point I’m ready to ditch ST altogether. HORRIBLE!

This is ST Wifi. US All current App versions. Contacted support as previously mentioned. Maybe not an official firmware update but support confirmed there was a software push to these models during this time.

I’ve had a similar blue light problem ‘occasionally’. For me it was my internet service providers DNS servers causing the problem. How I found that out was after rebooting my router, cable modem, and SmartThings Hub didn’t work, I manually changed the DNS servers in my routers GUI to Google’s DNS servers, and then rebooted the SmartThings Hub so it could pull the new settings, and walla, I got a green light on the SmartThings Hub and was good to go.

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