No update firmware - SmartThings WiFi, Plume US

My actual HUB is currently : SmartThings WiFi, Plume US, it’s good hub ?? personnaly a like it act as mesh hub system (3 hub, pods)… anyone know why don’t get any firmware update and stuck to 000.038.00011.


I think it is simply that it has enough differences from the v2/v3/Aeotec family of hubs to require a completely separate build and it just lags behind.


Thanks orangebucket what do you think about SmartThings Wifi Hub plume ? did you have any usage input or comments on this hub.?

I am not sure I would recommend the SmartThings Wifi hub with Plume. ST has licensed out the hardware business to other partners and the Wifi hub with Plume is not one of them.

I’ve never used one. I don’t see any appeal in having a SmartThings hub in any other device, least of all a Wi-Fi router.

Did you think probably soon we can’t no longer get update?

I assume updates will continue on it for some time but I doubt there will be future versions of that hub. But no announcements have been made so what I say is just speculation on my part. no one knows!


Personally, I don’t use any WiFi router that requires an active Internet connection to operate. There’s no reason why that should be required just to run the Wi-Fi, and a lot of reasons why it shouldn’t be required. But the Samsung models have to have an active Internet connection or the Wi-Fi won’t work. But that’s just my own preference.

SmartThings WiFi Mesh Hub: No WiFi w/o Internet?


I have seen it suggested this is a Plume thing rather than a specifically Samsung thing, but I may have been getting confused. Something to do with Plume checking it’s licence every X minutes. I want to say X=20 for some reason.

My understanding, which may be wrong, is that if you buy plume equipment from Plume there is an option to allow for a local Wi-Fi without an active Internet connection. But this option is not available on the smartthings Wi-Fi routers. :disappointed_relieved:

The following support page indicates that this is true for pure Plume setups. But you’re right that in some configurations it does keep checking the cloud, it looks like every 10 minutes.

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Possibly. Or it might simply be that all the reports of the Wi-Fi not being available are coming from users operating in Bridge mode which I guess might be quite common.

I wouldn’t really know as in the UK it is relatively rare to encounter separate routers and modems for consumer internet.


I would never buy a wifi hub merged with an IoT hub.

They’re on two separate life cycles wifi you need to consider replacing your gear every 3-5 years. IoT on the other hand 5+

Now considering its ridiculously difficult to migrate between Samsung hubs why would I make myself have to do it just to replace my WiFi because (insert next wifi spec here) just came out.

No. Just get good WiFi6 mesh gear and a standard aeotec ST hub.


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