ST Tech Support

I’ve had to reach out to ST Tech Support a couple of times now. Both times have been over TCP Connected Bulbs (I can not recommend them).

ST Techs have been superb! Very responsive and seem to go that extra distance to help.

Especially Jake. He has been great. The guy is the kinda guy any company would want to represent them!

My hats off to SmartThings Tech Support. Thanks guys!


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Funny. My first ever ticket raised (#219476), has not closed after 7 days. :angry:

Write them back and ask for an update. My TCP bulb issue is still being worked on, it isn’t resolved yet. BUT…they are working on it. I do see progress.

Jake, from State Farm?


I’ve had issues with Smart Things support. I’ve had tickets where the service rep wouldn’t respond to me for days and then ask me if everything was resolved a week afterwards.

I still have issue with TCP bulbs, my last 2 or 3 tickets about their inability to stay connected generally ended with the support tech telling me to wait for the next update, because it’s going to make it more stable.


I sent you a PM with my ticket number that you requested. Did you receive it, and any updates? It has been awfully quiet on the support front…

It’s nice to see a positive post about ST . So many of us come to the site because we have a problem , or to bitch. I remember when I first got ST and was reading the forum here, and remember thinking their was a lot of negativity about ST. I only used support once,but they fixed my problem within 72 hours which was really nice.

How nice. My ticket has passed 10 days and still not seeing the light of the day despite reminders… I’m still counting.

We have received and responded to your ticket… ping me 1-1 if you are not getting the replies.

To violate a bit of customer-agent confidentiality (<-semi made up) - there is a delta between the US and UK versions of the Harmony integration. Technically your set up is functioning correctly, but there is not feature parity with the US (which is the KB article you referenced in the email). Your ticket is actively being investigated, hang with us while we determine if the differences are intentional.

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