Help with seemingly troublesome and unreliable ST Devices

I have been ST for 3 months now. However I don’t have the time to be constantly repairing ‘breakdowns’ and faults and am feeling kinda frustrated that it may not really be fit for purpose. I guess I need some help and advice and encouragement that my problems can be fixed. So far I have had the following:
A Fibaro 211 dimmer installed and working but just seems to have gone dead when the bulb went and I replaced it. Tried powering down resetting, removing and reinstalling to the hub - just seems dead - but how do you tell if it has failed when it has no lights on it?
A ST plug adapter that just stopped working suddenly for no apparent reason and again I can’t get working again.
Two ST motion detectors that are now seemingly “stuck” reporting the same status regardless. One is is stuck on no motion even when there is motion. The other is stuck permanently on “motion” even when ther is no motion.
Another ST plug adapter that I paired up but then refused to work as soon as I moved it to the desired location.

Can anyone explain the correct process for completely deleting a device from ST and then resetting and reinitialising it ?
Can anyone explain why my stuff just don’t work properly. ?


Hi @Spinny, you’ve got a lot of stuff not going well, and that’s not normal. Have you reached out to yet?

Or if you’re in the UK.

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