ST stop working last week. got it back with luck

Hello, my ST hub (v2) stop taking zwave command last week. I’ve got zwave module failed in my log.

Hard reboot did nothing good.

After 3-4 day of waiting for the customer service (they did reach me… to ask for a hard reset… like I didn’t do that!) I decide to remove some of my zwave to put them back on my old vera2. so I used the general zwave removal option. and thats where all my light turn off, and some time after that everything was working again!!

I don’t know what’s going on, but I am pretty sure there is a Mega bug lurking on their zwave module control!!!

I hope that can help some people.


Ps: you need to go to the “zwave utilities” for that option.

Maybe a bad device flooding the airwaves?

I had a vera2 hub for 3 years. it NEVER does that.

it’s like that the ST hub was bug on receiving only zwave command. Other people seem to had the same bug, and most of them just hard reset the hub to fix the problem.

ps: I have the same zwave device on ST that I had on vera2.

ps2: I didn’t remove zwave device from ST. I just click the option to do it.

Yes, sadly, SmartThings appears to focus on Zigbee and treats Z-Wave as a bastard child. In fact, someone mentioned that originally, it wasn’t even meant to support Z-Wave and it was added at the last minute because there were only few compatible Zigbee devices available three years ago. Anyway, Z-Wave implementation in V1 was half-broken to begin with and in V2 it’s got even worse.

That’s the only true statement! :smile: :wink: