ST Presence Sensor Issues


I have a smart lighting automation setup which is controlled by presence (my Samsug mobile & a presence sensor on my wifes keys). The ‘everyone leaves’ part works fine, everything switches off as planned. But, when my wife returns home the presence sensor will work and switch on the lights but after 40 minutes the sensor will switch to left even when she is in the house. The confusing thing is that it always changes after 40 minutes.

is there any reason for this that anyone could help with. My ST hub is about 3m away from my Wifi router. It does sit next to my Logitech harmony hub though, not sure if this makes a difference?

Thanks, David.

Do you have any any plugin Zigbee devices to enhance your Zigbee mesh?

I just have ST Hub with a presence sensor & a smart button (which doesnt actually work, but thats a problem for another day), A philips Hue Hub with lights and a logitech harmony hub. I am quite new to this sort of thing and a bit of a novice, what kind of Zigbee devices can be used?

I had a similar problem with the presence sensor on my wife’s keys, it kept shutting everything done because shed leave her keys buried in her handbag some of these were shinny and reflective , so now she leaves them in a place close to my st hub and we’ve not had an issue since, hope you find an easy fix.

If it’s zigbee and it plugs into an outlet it (is a repeater) will make Zigbee better. Also water and rf, in this case Zigbee don’t play well. If you wife lays down while her key fob is in her pocket, Zigbee may have issues detecting the fob… as humans are 70-80% water. For a solid Zigbee mesh it is recommended to have a Zigbee repeater in every room and can help ensure your smart button works too.

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^ What they said ^

A quick test would be to have the keys placed in the same room as the hub, not in anything like a purse or pocket, with the keys spread away from the fob. See if it disconnects then.

Is it always 40 minutes from when or presence is detected or does the time vary?

it is usually around the 40 minutes mark. Although today for the first time they haven’t gone off so now I am confused again. Usually my wife would leave her keys in the door which the fob is connected to. Maybe it is as simple as the fob sitting in a slightly different position. I will still get some zigbee power outlets to extend the range so hopefully this will sort it.

So the keys are left in the lock on the OUTSIDE of the door? Is this a metal door? That might pretty well shield a signal.

have you tried increasing the timeout? Is your router near your hub? Those sensors have never been reliable IMO. I have one w/the battery mod in my kid’s backpack and he has to stand there for a minute before it picks up him getting home from school. That’s with a repeater about 10 feet away.