ST presence sensor freaking out tonight

Any ideas? One of my 4 St zigbee presence sensors is showing away approximately every 15 minutes and then quickly showing back up. The dongle is close to hub and reports 60 percent battery.

Getting annoying every time it leaves and comes back and notifies my wife and me… Other than disabling notifications for this device.

Anyway…does “close to the hub” mean “close to the wifi router”? Wifi can intermittently cause interference with zigbee, causing the away/present/away/present pattern with each disconnect.

Try moving the presence sensor one room away and see if that helps.

(Mobile devices like key fobs are particularly prone to this because they don’t have permanent neighbors.)

@JDRoberts stupid autocorrect on my phone…

Close to the ST hub, where I always keep my keys, nothing new, nothing changed. So it is really odd. Logging in the IDE shows it started at 8:01pm tonight and has been in and out for 2 hours.

Prior to 8pm it was 100% accurate with no false aways or heres.

Wonder if the sensor just is failing. What’s the warranty on these things? 1 year? Anyone had one replaced?

It could be that the weakening battery just reached a point where the signal wasn’t strong enough to get past the interference, that’s pretty common.

Nothing in the way to interfere. Has good rssi and loi values. Battery level was much lower and worked fine.

Seems to have fixed itself now for the past half hour. Go figure.

Yea, I had random motion sensors not firing their devices… all better now.