Presence Sensors going crazy? anybody?

I have two presence sensors (smartthings original devices), and both of them are going crazy at the same time. They’ve logged in and out about 5 times in a couple of hours. I just have the settings for deadlocks to lock when everybody is away, so not too much impact. However, it is strange that both presence sensors are dialing in and out when both have been in all this time. I am thinking it is a software issue. Anybody else having this problem recently?

Do you have any Zigbee repeaters (always powered Zigbee Devices)? How far are these presence tags from the closest repeater or the hub? How many walls in between?.. Its possible that the tags are losing communication and are trigerring “Away” state. Adding some zigbee repeaters like ST outlets may help improve reliability.

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I have one ST zigbee outlet. The presence devices typically don’t have this type of failure. They actually even have an amazing range of about 15+ meters away from the exterior walls of my house, and don’t have problems indoors. This is not typical…

Is it the original ST outlet? it has a known issue with causing other zigbee devices to drop off the network. it affected my presence fobs especially bad.

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I have this problem when i have them in my pocket and i lay on them. Remember the human body is 70% water. Water and zigbee/zwave/wifi/bluetooth do not play well with each other.

Nope, prob not presence sensors are pretty simple. Present = key fob detected, Away = key fob not detected.

You can also check to se if you wifi and zigbee are not conflicting with each other. In my home my wifi is channel 1 and my zigbee is channel 20. it won’t get much better than that :smiley:


In my case I have the original zigbee power outlet. This might be the cause of conflict.

On the other hand, how do you check the channel in which the zigbee devices are operating?

Thanks > My Hubs

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