False Positives on Presence Unlocking the Doors in the middle of the night

I am having a transient problem I don’t know what to do with.

I put presence tags on my keychains for my cars; the furthest tag is about 30 feet from the hub when the cars are parked.

Randomly in the middle of the night, SmartThings will determine that I’ve left and come home, and turn on the security lights and unlock the front door. I figure I could solve it by adding some “Hello Home” actions, but then I have to manually remember to set the state properly before going to bed each night, which is a bit of a pain.

Any ideas? how do you deal with these false state changes, especially when it’s embedded in the core smartapps?

I no longer have false events since putting a powered zigbee device in my garage to amplify and repeat the signals. Presence sensors have very low power radios; 30 ft is way too far without a repeater.

Hi Scott - can you post a link to the “powered zigbee” device that you bought? I am having the same issue with a ST presence sensor randomly opening my garage door in the middle of the night because, (I guess) it’s losing touch with the Hub. It happened last night.

It was the original SmartSense Motion.

Awesome thanks! Could this also be solved by placing multiple ST hubs around the house to speed up the communication?

Nothing is going to speed things up; it is what it is. But stronger signal will reduce/eliminate the false reports.