Presence Sensor spamming leaving and coming

(Cameron Murdaugh) #1

I don’t know what the deal is, but i must be having the worst luck with all things SmartThings. Almost every device i use, works fine for a couple of days, a week, a few months even, but some of them eventually start having issues. About a week ago, my iPhone’s GPS starting being terrible, It was putting a HUGE radius on my phone where even working to the south side of my work building would trigger an arrival. So, I switched to presence sensor on my cars keychain. Everything was working fine for about a week. But the last two nights it has been spamming leaving and arriving. Yesterday I rebuilt the zwave network, but still happened last night. I would have thought this device was talking to the hub, so if it was my internet dropping and coming back, SmartThings would still track that the device is still on its network. (but maybe i am wrong). The battery life on the key fob is like 40%, so that shouldn’t be the problem.

I changed my rules to not be able to go to Away and then back to home if you are in Night mode, so it isn’t a problem there. But the problem will become when I am Home and awake and it does this. For some reason, it has only been happening at night, minus one time the other day it happened in the middle of me playing games.

Does anyone have any ideas/solutions?

(Chrisb) #2

Presence sensors are Zigbee, not Z-wave. This is an important distinction because things like rebuilding the z-wave network won’t do a thing. Even more importantly z-wave devices will not repeat a zigbee signal, you need a zigbee device that repeats (such as the SmartThings plug in modules, or the SmartThings older motion sensor, when it’s plugged in.

Also important to note is that the presence sensors have a pretty weak radio. This is done to preserve battery life as much as possible. Because of this you can lose connection if you’re too far from your hub. I leave my presence sensors in my cars, which are about 20feet from the hub, but with garage walls and house walls between them. I was losing connection and ended up putting a motion sensor in my garage to act as a repeater. This works really well for me now.