ST outlet shows disconnected in New App?

In the new app, I have one ST outlet that shows “disconnected”, but it is not and I can control its state to on/off even though it shows “disconnected”.

When I log into the Classic App or the IDE via web access, it does not says “disconnected”.

Any ideas why this is and how to resolve?

There are a few posts already about this type of behavior in the new app. Unfortunately I’m not sure if there’s any workaround or resolution (other than don’t use the new app unless you absolutely have to).

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I really wish Samsung would fix the new app. I have two Cree bulbs (Zigbee) and two ST outlets that often show as “disconnected” in the new app but show as “on-line” in the Groovy IDE and work fine with the Classic app, IFTTT and Alexa. Rebooting the Hub v2 does not resolve the issue and deleting the devices and rediscovering them is a royal pain in the a**! (especially since they are used in routines and IFTTT applets)
NOTE: Secure Mode is turned off, so they should reconnect automatically

I have nine Z-Wave dimmers, outlets and sensors that never have a problem.
Does Samsung monitor this forum to be informed about issues/bugs?

EDIT: I sent an email to Samsung support and referenced this thread.