ST connect app keeps disconnecting

The new app can’t stay connected with my devices while I check the classic app they seem to be connected. Even the hub appear disconnected and everything else, but in classic it’s all good. Is there a fix for this or is it too early to start using the ST connect app?

Same issue here. Old app is fine, now app is not. I power-cycled the hub but it didn’t help.

I logged into my ST account and under the Hub > utility you can reboot it. That helped for me, when it didn’t I’ve just been waiting it out

You have to wonder if the surprise firmware update borked things a bit. My hub was also showing disconnected in the SmartThings app but the IDE and the Classic app showed everything okay and the event log for the hub showed no problem and plenty of activity. Rebooting the hub did get back the connected status for me in the SmartThings app at least for now.

MIne reconnected at some point today.