ST outlet Issues

Ok, I’m new to the ST world so this may be just me. I connected a MT Outlet yesterday, it discovers fine and I can select it in the app. However I have a simple lamp plugged into it and not of my triggers work to turn it on/off. Not even the actuall ON/OFF button on the app itself when I select that. Is there a trick to the outlets? I hope this is not an bad indicator as I have went ahead and ordered the hue starter set as well already. YIKES!

How far away is it from the hub?

Likely 30 feet or so. Closer than my motion sensor and door sensors are and those work fine. Currently the hub is showing offline for some reason so I’ll revisit that when i get home I suppose. I hope ST isn’t only good in a one bedroom apartment or something.

30 ft should be fine, as long as it’s not with in 5ft your wifi router or microwave. You may want to contact support.

Thought I would post this query here because of the title.
I have an ST outlet that wasn’t being used so I decided to use it for the lights in a wall unit.
It turns on but the lights do not turn on.
Checked the voltage at the bulb socket and it is there.
Changed the outlet to a WEMO one and it works OK.
The bulbs are halogen 20w. Two of them.
Just wondering if anyone knows why this is happening.

Ok. I’ve sussed it out.
The plug is only putting through the ‘Live’ when the outlet is turned on.
There is nothing on the neutral.
Time to replace it.

We are quick to criticise and slow to praise. Most of the time. :grinning:
So now for some praise.
I raised a ticket with ST this afternoon and after an email exchange and a bit of diagnosis an in warranty exchange has been agreed.
2 hours from start to finish.
Brilliant service.
Thanks Helen at UK Samsung Support.