Philips Hue


I read through the forum here a bit and I don’t see any recent conversations on integration with Philips Hue lights. I know there are two approaches to controlling Hue through the hub via tcp/ip or using ZLL to the lights directly. My question is ST working on an integration solution via one of these methods? Or is this something that is not going to be available for awhile? I currently use but it’s not the best solution.

Anyone know if there is anything in the works to control Hue bulbs?

I asked via Twitter, and they said that the release of the integration should be within 3 weeks from now.

@gmarquezp yea, sorry, I never updated this post. They started a beta program which I joined. Didn’t work for the Android and they had to manually add my hub but that was a few weeks ago I’m assuming you’re able to use it now. Also, it has worked absolutely flawlessly since I’ve been running it.

What do you think of the Hue? Is it worth the price ?


I just gave my wife a Hue setup for Christmas. I can probably grab one of the bulbs to play with. How do you go about setting it up with SmartThings? I did not see it under the devices in the IDE. Sorry if there’s an obvious answer to the question, I’m pretty new here.

The price of the Hue is high, but the quality of the product is also high.
When you start to play a little with the thing, it is amazing.
I have not been able to use it with SmartThings yet, because its not available yet on public release. But, by itself is quiet a good system. It has geofencing, so the lights turn on as i enter my house. And there lots of apps on the app store that lets you do some cool things.

With ST integration, i think its going to be awesome. Lights turning on and off based on Motion Sensors, or based on presence tags with more complex rules.
The Hue is a good system, but if ST integration works a i think it will work, you will be able to extract the last penny of this Hue tech.

Can we still join the beta?

I would also like to join an Android beta if possible and release is not imminent!

I definitely want in on the Beta too. I’m a new ST things user and I’m finding I can’t do much with the platform because my HA devices are all in beta.

Also interested in joining this beta and / or finding out more about Hue compatibility.

There are items in the IDE for Hue Bulb and Hue Bridge but I can’t seem to get them to work. Must needed some special beta access items turned on… Seems like it must be close though from what it did pull up.


What are you seeing in the IDE for the Hue?

I might have said the wrong thing but here: under type I see Hue Bridge and Hue Bulb as options but I can’t seem to get them to connect.

Just got my bridge updated through the smartthings Labs program and wanted to report Hue integration is working pretty well!!!

Agreed Working Well here too

With the Hue Lab Device can Hue bulbs be directly contacted over Zigbee or do I have to buy the bridge too for TCP/IP comms?


You still need the bridge. ST establishes communication with the bridge then automatically sets up the bulbs connected to it.

Integration works really well for me so far. I would like to see the ability to set presets to certain colors, then I could do color based notifications: red means motion at the front door, blue means motion at the back door etc…

A big thank you for the recent updates on this topic. Now I get to turn on my bathroom lights without needing the Hue app.