ST Outlet and Motion sensor Issues

I have a ST outlet that I’ve been using for a year and a half to give me notifications the washing machine is done by using a piston that monitors the electricity use. About 2 weeks ago this just stopped working and when I looked into the other day I see that it is no longer reporting power consumption. I changed the Type to SmartPower Outlet v, then back to just SmartPower Outlet but nothing changed. Do I need to reset the device, aka remove it from the controller and re-add it back in?

Also have a ST motion sensor that is just going wonky. It’s in a dark stairwell and it’s randomly turning the lights on when there is no motion, or light, or anything. Should I reset this motion sensor as well?

Thanks in advance.

at least one of mine (device handler Smartpower Outlet) is still reporting power, no change in USA.

I’ve never heard of these Centralite plugins failing but sounds like it to me. I’d replace it, prefer Zooz Zen15 with custom device handler but it’s Zwave and dongle-style.

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