ST V2 Hub doesn't communicate with ST/Centralite outlets


For some time now, I’ve had several of the SmartThings/Iris/Centralite smart outlets (some are branded SmartThings, some are Iris). To get them connected & setup, I followed the instructions copying the code into the web interface and all the outlets are connected. For a time they were OK, generally seen with some intermittent control of power off/on. But now, control is simply awful. It “sees” the outlets, it can see the power usage. But it cannot power it on and off and, as a result, things like timers are useless. In fact, it doesn’t always even see the power state correctly. Recently, I manually powered one of the outlets on (only option since power control doesn’t work in the app) and the app “saw” the outlet as powered off - even though it was accurately showing the amount of current wattage that the device plugged into it was using (which can only happen if the outlet is actually on, otherwise it cannot have any power flowing through it).

I’m not sure what to do. These are stated to work with ST specifically (and, as I said, some are even ST branded - though all of them respond identically. The ST branded outlets aren’t any more/less reliable than the Iris branded version…sadly they are all poor). Does anyone have any suggestion for what I can do? These weren’t inexpensive and right now, are basically useless, except as a way to occasionally view wattage used. Is there updated code I should be using? Or is there another way I could/should connect these so that it actually works? Any help would be wonderful. Thanks so much!

I have several of this working just fine. Mine are iris ones using the standard device handler “smart Power outlet”. I put in screen shoots for the new app and IDE, so you can see if yours is different. I would try to delete, exclude and re add. Then check IDE and see what device handler is being used. I am sure other might have more ideas for you. If I remember correctly, pairing the devices was a little tricky, because you have to 1st do the zigbee then zwave side next for the Iris ones.