Motion sensors not updating/working

So all of my motion sensors seem to have just stop sending data since yesterday. All have batteries with enough juice. I also got two new devices tonight and they won’t pair with my ST.

Very frustrating when nothing seems to work.

Did you do the normal power cycling of the hub?
What type of motion sensors?
Sorry I’m not anymore help!

I think this explains it. I got the message after multiple power cycling, attempted removing items, and noticing that my locks weren’t unlocking any more. I’m guessing this falls under warranty?

Hmmm. I have had two motion sensors do the same thing this week. One is a ST motion sensor and the other is an aeon multi sensor.

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My Smartthings Motion (original) locks on detecting every time I connect it. Connecting the ST motion is an exercise in patents itself. Both of my Ecolink Z-Wave PIR detectors have been working fine though.

So after the picture above I contacted ST and have had to unplug it and wait x minutes for two days. Friday I emailed them to begin the replacement process and I guess they are off on Fridays. Kind of disappointed at the response to something that I have come to rely on. It will be interesting how they fare after the apple home kit is released in June.

So last Thursday I had a zendesk ticket form support asking me to try the unplug,plug it back in and see if it works (to no luck) and have not heard a word back from them since. Has anybody dealt with a replacement from them before? Is this common?

I had a problem ST Motion sensor lately. The solution for devices that stop responding/reporting is generally to remove them from your hub and re-pair them. I’ll bet that would fix your motion sensor. If you look in the help/support section you can find a youtube video showing exactly how to do this for the motion sensor.
Before the smartthings platform will let you delete a device you must remove it from all apps. Then delete the item from the platform. Then perform the reset from the youtube video.
This fixed my issues and I’ve had to do this for z-wave switches, also.
Good luck,

Did that, check out the screenshot I posted. Seems the z-wave module died on me. Happy to report that they are expediting me a new unit. Wish there was a way to save settings and transfer them to the new unit. Oh well, it will give me something to do this weekend.

I am not sure what causes it but typically you don’t need to remove and re-pair them For me it works every time once you do a battery pull on these. I have contacted support several times about this. They have always reached out but haven’t come across a definite reason “why this happens”. ST 2nd gen as well as Fibaro’s.

Around this same time I got an alert that my front door opened at 2:38 am, it is a SmartThings open/close sensor. It said it opened and never close, but the door never opened at all. I then checked my back door (same sensor) and my patio which has Smart Sense multi sensor. Both said they were closed, but opening/closing did not change the status nor send me an alert. I pulled the battery, power cycled the hub, etc… won’t come back.

I have an aeon open close on the garage door and that works perfect still.

Right now, the smartthings app shows front door open, and the other doors closed.

Activity feeds shows Connection is healthy.