Old SmartThings Motion Sensor

Are the older version of the ST Motion Sensor still for sale? They are gone from Amazon as well. Are they going to be sold anymore at all? I like the ability to have them plugged in as a repeater.

Did you try ST store? Luckily I had one from early on which I use only as a repeater.

I had a false alarm from my older ST motion last night. Never had a false alarm from my WeMo Motion which I have owned much longer.

I used to have one of the older Motion Sensors powered up as a “repeater”. Before ST did the big migration a few weeks ago, from time to time on the IDE a button showed up on the Hub page that showed a graph of all of the Zigbee devices in my system. It showed a SmartPower outlet acting as a repeater, but there were no devices at all hanging off the powered Motion Sensor. So it seemed that it was not in fact acting as a repeater. I haven’t asked ST about this, but just moved on. ST did tell me on another issue I was having to use a SmartPower outlet as a Zigbee repeater.

Mine is indeed repeating signal from my presence sensor. In fact, the presence sensor was useless until putting the powered motion sensor in the garage.

Another cool thing about these is that they can report power outages and restorations based on their powerSource event.

What is the dBm value listed under device? My ST motion normally shows -63 or -64, sometimes -61 or -62.

Mine shows -49

How do you have it reporting outages and restorations @scottinpollock ?

I didn’t see any in the ST store, I have a few. I was hoping they would still keep producing some of them in case had that particular use case needed.

I guess, I will hold onto mine for carefully. :frowning:

Maybe, they will start producing a few more so they can be purchased from time to time when people need them.

With a simple SmartApp. In addition to sending me notifications, I also have it turning off my Hues when the power is restored (they all come on when this happens).

You can find my SmartApp HERE.

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I just looked at the ST site and they are still there for 55.00. https://shop.smartthings.com/#!/taxons/things/motion