ST Open/Close sensors reversed status

2 of my open/close sensors all of a sudden say closed when open and open when closed - this breaks my rules of course. Any tips? I’ve tried factory resetting them and re-joining my hub, without success.

Hmm, I want this on my modified floor mat. It only shows closed when I step on it and opened all the time when no one is standing on the mat. :smile:

Sorry but I’m not sure what to tell you on that one. Maybe trying a different DTH if you can. What kind of sensors do you have?

Official ST open close sensors…

Try going to the IDE and click on the My Hubs tab. Scroll downs towards the bottom and take a look at all your devices. Find the device in question, it should say what DTH it is using which should be " SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor" Click on the name of your device to look at the detailed information. Look under “Current Status”, It should say whether or not the contact is closed or open. You can click on the Contact link to give you a history of when that contact was opened and closed. Maybe you can determine when it messed up. You can also try testing it in real time to see if the IDE reports accurately.

You can also try Live Logging to see what it reports to the IDE.

You may have to contact support on this one to see if they can do anything on their backend.

Any resolutions on this? My sensor started doing the same the last couple of days.

It became seen as a hardware fault by ST and it was too expensive for me to post it back from Australia to the US so I just use it in reverse now.

Sorry to drag up an old thread… but I have two sensors that are doing the same thing. The first on started last week and I went through every possible iteration of deleting, adding, battery changes etc.

This morning, the living room slider was offline, so I went through trouble shooting and ended up changing the battery. The sensor is back online, but reporting reverse status. (Now both the Office Slider and the Living Room slider are showing reverse status but otherwise functioning normally).

I have an open support issue with Smartthings, but they have been less than helpful.

I fixed this by taking the plastic cover out, kept the sensor and the other part in closed ( open) state, then took the battery out, put the parts in contact with each other, and inserted the battery again. Magic!!!

Sensor works fine until I get it on the window without the slim part, as soon as it touches the window, the state reverses again. I will try to install both at the same time while touching each other.

Yep, that fixed it