Sensor says it’s open, but it’s actually closed. Any way to fix?

I’ve tried rebooting the zwave sensor, repairing the network, and power cying the ST hub. Any other ideas? It’s an open/close sensor on my overhead garage door.

Unpair / delete / remove / exclude / reset it…

And then re-add it?

It’s possible it’s just too much dropped off that only a full reset has a chance of success.

What type of Zwave sensor is it please?

Interesting. I just had this happen yesterday with one of my GoControl position sensors. In my case, however, it appeared to be a delayed write. The indication returned to closed about 15 minutes after the door was actually closed.

It’s a Monoprice

I also tried replacing the sensor. The new sensor had the same issue. It blinks red at open and close. Battery reads 100%.

Go to device settings, and change option how to be displayed Open or Closed

I don’t have that option…

Whether it’s open or closed, it continues to read open.

Try changing that DTH with different contact (open/close) DTH until you find one that have that option.

I’ve had this happen once or twice with my Ecolink contact sensors.
Removing and reinstalling the battery corrected the issue.
Maybe give that a try if you haven’t already?

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