Door Sensor shows open instead of closed

I have a hawking HomeRemote door sensor that has been showing open even though it is in the closed position. I did a zwave exclude and included it again, but it is still showing in ST as open.

Anything else I can do to fix the state of the sensor?

Change the polarity by flipping the battery around! :joy:

Sorry, bored at work! Have you tried going into the IDE and selecting a different device handler then switching back and updating?


That was funny. So do I go to devices > edit to do that?

Yep, goto devices, select the sensor, click edit, under type, change to generic sensor, update, then change back to the right one, then update again. See if that fixes it.

That didn’t work. I also try to Z wave heal and that didn’t work, very frustrating

This is the usual troubleshooting checklist in case it helps:

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If you leave the door open it will show the correct status all if the time!


Try taking the battery out, waiting a few seconds and then put the battery back in. But make sure the actual physical device is in the open position when you do.

Also, try a new battery, that one may be weak.


I saw that and tried all the steps. I’m trying step 6 atm but nothing seems to fix it.

Plus the batteries show 100% which can’t be right it’s been too long.

When you run the Z wave repair utility, do you get any error messages?

I haven’t went to the logs yet but nothing in the app. I’m sure only the logs show if there’s an error

sounds like the reed switch (tiny glass tube with metal strips that touch when a magnet is applied) has failed. If you are handy you can get 10/$1 from ebay and replace the defective one.

Thank you. I am not sure I would know how to do that. But again thanks for the reply.

No errors in the logs @JDRoberts

One way to do some testing would be to use something like a metal twist tie or paperclip and short the reed switch.