Missing Events with Schlage Connect Camelot (April 2019)

Not sure when it actually happened but I am no longer getting notifications when my Schlage Connect Camelot is opened or closed. I did replace the batteries recently and the Hub did just upgrade too so it is hard to pinpoint what happened.

The device is still showing connected in the app. I am able to lock and unlock the device from the app. It sends me notifications when lock/unlock through app and is in the Notifications tab.

I have done a Z-wave repair just in case but I need this to work again.

Is my only recourse to remove and re-add the device?

I appreciate the help. Thank you!


I’m not sure why people aren’t finding the existing threads on this, there are at least four or five of them. :disappointed_relieved: Maybe because some people are putting it under devices, some people are putting it under mobile app, some people are putting it under automations, some people are putting it under the recent firmware update…

But it’s a known problem, and has to do with some recent platform changes. If you are using a stock DTH, report your problem to support so they can let you know when it’s fixed.

If you are using custom code, check the author’s thread for that code as the author may have to make some changes.

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My apologies. I can go ahead and nuke this thread then. My search wasnt good enough and I appreciate your message. Thank you.

No problem, go ahead and leave this thread because I collected all the other threads into it. :sunglasses:

I think it’s just that people were reporting it as different problems. Some people said the lock wasn’t reporting a manual event, some people said the lock wasn’t sending notifications, they didn’t realize that was the same backend problem.

Two questions:

  1. Are you using a custom DTH ?
  2. Do you have a repeater close to your lock? FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?