ST Not Finding Some Hue Bulbs

(Janson) #1

Another ST issue I am having (I’m a new ST user) is that my hub will not find certain Hue bulbs. They are added to the Hue system through the Hue hub; however, ST cannot find them when I try to connect new things.

Some of my bulbs connected no problem. But there are a few (one of which is in the same room as the ST and Hue hubs, that ST will not find.

Anyone else running into this issue?



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(Ron S) #2

Go to your SmartApps. You should already see a Hue Connect there. Click it and then let it discover as in second image. When, the number of bulbs changes, click the + sign and check your new bulbs!

Click = Tap! :wink:

(Janson) #3

That worked! Thanks for fixing my problem!