Trouble Adding Hue Bulbs

I picked up a few hue bulbs and was going to add them but I am having no luck. The bulbs are installed on the hue bridge and working. I just can not get ST to find them. When I go to ST app and tell it to add device then choose hue then smart things it tries a few min then fails. I tried rebooting the bridge and the suggested ethernet disconnect for 10 seconds. I think I can use the “Link” option to pull them in but then it duplicates a bunch of bulbs.
I actually haven’t had to mess with it in a long time. What’s the current best method for connecting hue to ST? Should I go through with the linking of accounts or just figure out how to make the new bulbs work with the current setup?

  • reboot your router
  • after it reboots, go into ST app > Add Device > Philips Hue > Link account (since you have the Hue Bridge)

Thank you.
Should I reboot ST or Hue during this process?