ST Multisensor - historical temperature conversion

While I’ll okay at math, my conversion math sometimes isn’t great. Any chance on how to see historical temps from the Multisensor in F rather than C?

The historical data is a recent addition to the new app and as of yet, only seems to display in Celsius. The new ST app is still a work in progress with missing features and bugs.


Yup those charts haven’t even hit iOS yet.

This is happening on any device that uses Temperature capabilities. As part of an open support ticket I have with ST regarding the new app, I’ve included this issue in the ticket. I’ve also just included a link to this topic in the ticket to show ST it isn’t just me…

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If I could “like” that post a million times, I would do so in an instant…

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I know. Just when I think I might be able to use the new app on a regular basis I find another missing feature or just something that plain doesn’t work. Samsung appears to be making some progress on the new app but, if the goal is for the two apps to have parity before retiring classic, I think we will be using the classic app for quite some time yet. :thinking:

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