Can't change Celsius to Fahrenheit in the new app


I have some Ecobee and Samsung temperature sensors that I can not permanently change from Celcius to Fahrenheit in the new app. When I look at the sensors in the classic app or on the Ecobee settings they read in Fahrenheit. What am I missing?

several existing threads on this topic…

I am having this problem too and I am losing my mind.
What happened?
I never used Celsius before and now all my sensors report in Celsius!!!
I can’t keep changing each one of them. I have too many!

How do we get SmartThings support to look into this?

Changes don’t stick either.

Yes, I noticed it flips back to Celsius soon after navigating to another screen.
This is an unacceptable new bug.

I have contacted ST support many times since switching to the new app and have yet for anything to be fixed. I reached out about the temp sensors again and am awaiting an answer. There general solve has been: uninstal device, uninstall app, reset phone, reinstall app, reinstall device. (Apparently none of them use their own products to know what a pain that is?)

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ST is aware of the issue and working to resolve it.

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Same here.

Same here. This is also affecting automations. I have alerts setup for low and high temps and the one that is set for below 50 degrees Fahrenheit keeps getting triggered. Ugh.

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I have the same problem! It’s driving me crazy. ST app updates lack proper QA.


This issue has started again. In my Nest automation the cooling temperature changed to Celcius while the heating temp stayed Fahrenheit. No luck with ST support so far.