Is it me or has the latest ST iOS app v2.1.0

Here are several issues that are becoming very irritating:
No instantaneous power displayed on the ST smart outlet tile.

1% level difference between dimmer level reported on tile and level set on slider.
And finally that last problem.
Temperatures were displaying in deg C and were appended with F. Not too much of an issue! So I decided to see if changing the temperature from C to F and back to C would resolve it. Unfortunately the system is now firmly stuck in Fahrenheit. I attempted all the usual stuff like reboot, update settings from the IDE etc but everthing is now displaying deg F. However, all my devices are using deg C and I will have to adjust every single routine and smart app to F so that functions are triggered at the correct level until such time that v2.1.0 becomes a proper piece of software.
Any suggestions? I have reported this to CS.

those actually started for me with the latest system update not ht IOS app.

Here are the other screen shots I took a few hours ago

It would seem that only a few hours ago the temperature was indicating in Fahrenheit. Since then and without any changes made at all to settings in the ST app or IDE, the temperature is now showing in deg C. I just don’t understand it.

Oh well some recovery then.

Unfortunately a known issue, and you’re right, it was caused by the most recent app update. It lost support for multiattribute tiles so that now the person who wrote the device handler can no longer choose which information appears on the device tile. Much discussion in the following thread.

I had some weirdness also where my rules weren’t working and my hue bridge randomly stopped working as well. I had to open all of my rules within rule machine and close them again. I also had to reselect my hue bridge within my hue (re)connect app. Everything seems fine after. I have no idea what the heck was going on.

The other issue I neglected to mention surround temperature indications is that notifications have F appended to the temperature reading, even though I am using deg C.